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Dr. Stephen Tobin

Holistic Veterinarian Recommends Longlife Program

Dr. Stephen Tobin is a holistic veterinarian who provides treatment using homeopathic herbs and nutrition and runs a full-service veterinary clinic in Meriden, Connecticut. A member of The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, The National Center For Homeopathy, The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association, and The International Association For Veterinary Homeopathy, as well as past president of The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Tobin lectures and publishes on animal care regularly. As our lead veterinarian, he provides valuable advice on our supplements and makes recommendations regarding which Longlife Program is best for your pet.

The principle behind our motto, “Quality of life equals Longlife”, is echoed in Dr. Tobin’s philosophy of animal care. He explains, “My goal in veterinary medicine is to make pets as comfortable as possible. Animals have shorter life spans than humans. In the time they’re here, we want to make their lives as pleasant as we can.”

Case Studies Indicate the Effectiveness of Longlife™

Dr. Tobin first tried Longlife for Dogs and Longlife for Cats over 15 years ago, after he received a sample of the product in the mail. After observing promising initial results, he set up in-depth case studies to determine the extent of the benefits the Longlife Program promotes. Many of Dr. Tobin’s patients with hip dysplasia and joint problems had been taking cosequin, glucosamine, or chondroitin, and while some of them had improved with the use of these supplements, others had not. Whatever the condition of the dog before it was given Longlife for Dogs, however, further improvements were noted in almost all cases. “Every dog with joint problems that I’ve given Longlife for Dogs has improved,” Dr. Tobin says. “Even if a dog had been doing pretty well on another supplement, he did better on the Longlife Program.”

While Dr. Tobin has concentrated his use of Longlife in dogs with joint problems, it is also an effective treatment program for a wide spectrum of animal disorders. Longlife Program products have been tested together and have been proven to provide maximum protection, provide necessary vitamins and minerals, help promote a healthy coat, prevent dry and itchy skin, protect joints, and fight against the ravages of age, environmental pollution, and poor diet.

Give your pet the Longlife they deserve!