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Sayde – limping & alot of shedding

My dog, Sayde, wasn’t doing well about a year ago, limping & alot of shedding hair till almost just skin showing. I researched on internet & found info about longlife products. All natural & this was what I was looking for! I called David & we talked & I ordered the products (the skin supplement & caps) Longlife Programs. Well, been over a year & we’re still using the products! I highly recommend these products! I save the empty bottles & give them to people, tell them to check this product out. Our vet has seen a big difference in Sayde. Another great thing is that every time I’ve had a question or placed an order, David has been very quick to answer or send the order. Very happy with product & service,..

Lacie – Tumor (soft tissue sarcoma)

“Lacie, our partner, was diagnosed with nerve sheath soft tissue sarcoma in February 2015. She’s seven years old. The tumor was removed from her jaw/chin area but couldn’t get a wide margin. This type of tumor is slow growing. On the Internet I researched to find something to help her immune system and hopefully keep her without pain. I found LongLife Pet Supplements and started her on the Longlife Program #3 (serious ailments treatment program). As of February 2016, the tumor hasn’t shown back, and she’s our “feisty” little gal again. Whether Longlife Pet Supplements has effectively worked on that tumor is unknown, but we will continue with this Longlife program.”..

Deuce – Hip dysplasia

“About ten years ago we were given the chance to rescue two three-month-old pups. One was black, and one was brown, they looked like they had a lot of lab in them, and they were brother and sister. The black one was a male, and we named him Deuce. His sister was all brown, and we named her Roxy. They were wonderful puppies and were quick learners. We had them house trained in a reasonable amount of time and were enjoying watching them grow. We had a large yard for them to roam and play in together, but we wanted to get them leash trained and give them more exercise, so we started a routine of daily exercise. We quickly noticed that Deuce was slower, walked with a type of limp, and would stop and sit down after just a short distance. We started to do some research including taking him to our local veterinarian and came to the conclusion that he had hip dysplasia, a common problem in large breeds. The remedies were very scary. The vet was talking about some success that was being had ..

Cher – Cushing’s disease, cataracts

“Cher has been in our family since she was six weeks old and is now a young 13, thanks to Longlife. At two years of age, she was diagnosed with cataracts and we opted not to have surgery done. She also developed Cushing’s disease about three years ago and has been on medication for that. On November 1, 2015, a friend introduced us to Longlife, and we started her on it. We have noticed she is much more active, playful, and doing things like she used to when she was younger. At her last her last eye check-up one of her cataracts had dropped, and now she has some vision in one eye. Her last lab work on her Cushing’s disease was right on target with where the vet wants her to be. She’s doing great and is much more lively and energetic! She seems to be doing great on the supplement, and her health has improved in all areas.”..

Solomon – Vasculitis, hot spots

“For the last year, we have been treating Solomon for itchy skin and hots spots which in turn resulted in Vasculitis. He would scratch and chew his tail and feet. We eventually had to have part of his tail amputated. He was on continual medication for his itching. We spent a great deal of money and time at the vet. I began to look for alternative natural treatments and came upon the Long Life website. I called and spoke to the customer service rep, and he was very helpful and suggested what supplements we should try. Solomon has been on the product for three months now and is off all the special food and medications. His coat looks shiny and healthy, and his tail fur is growing back. Solomon’s joints seem to be less sore. We believe the Longlife product had been beneficial to Solomon’s overall health. The customer service at Longlife was professional and always helpful.”..

Bugsy – Limping

“Bugsy has been on your Longlife Program now for a few years and we are very pleased with the results. He has a problem with his back leg and limps from time to time. Surgery was suggested after an MRI, but in researching I came across your product and thought we should give it a try. In a short period of time, Bugsy improved tremendously. He is on a daily dose which helps keep the problem under control. When he periodically starts limping again, we increase the dose for a few days and then decrease it back to his maintenance program. Thanks for all your help!” Back to Testimonials ..

Hendrick – Leg pain

“Hendrick used to have a troublesome front leg. Now he is without pain in his leg and is a happy, happy boy. Just look at that smile!”..

Rocky – Pemphigus, autoimmune

“We adopted Rocky last December. We believe he was a puppy mill dog. He was brought to the vet during an ice storm to be euthanized. The vet tech thought he was worth saving and we’re so happy that she did! He’s a min pin Chihuahua mix about 5 years old. He weighed 4 pounds and looked like he’d been in a fight. He’s now a whopping 12 pounds and all muscle. When we adopted him we were told he had a tick disease and a skin disorder. He was on antibiotics for 30 days. We took him to our vet for a follow up and a punch biopsy was performed. He was diagnosed with pemphigus, an autoimmune disease. We were told he’d be on Prednisone and antibiotics for most of his life. That wasn’t acceptable. I read everything I could about the disease and discovered most dogs that have this are euthanized. He was very weak and lethargic. Slept all the time and didn’t want to be bothered. I found Longlife supplements through a search on the Internet and thought I’d give them a try. We noticed a difference..

Latte & Café – Autoimmune issues

“My beautiful girls both have benefited from this pet supplement. Latte and Café both have been on the Longlife Program and I am so thankful to my vet for recommending me to go outside of the box. It all started when we took Latte, our multi-poo in for her yearly vaccination. It was almost instantaneous that she suffered a severe reaction, causing us to rush her to the vet. After many visits to our vet and a neurologist, Latte was diagnosed with a severe reaction to the vaccinations causing the onset of autoimmune disease. She was prescribed heavy doses of steroids along with a long list of other drugs. Unfortunately, the steroids were not having the desired effect on Latte. We were at our wits end. In talking with our vet she was the one who suggested we try alternative solutions. After spending many hours on the Internet I came upon LonglifePetSupplements.com. In reading the information on the website I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing and it did not take long..

Ruby – Swollen leg, autoimmune

“In spring 2013 we noticed that Ruby’s right front paw was considerably swollen in her leg, but she didn’t appear to be in pain. Our vet checked for breaks or fractures and found none. Then they tested for mange, tick titers and performed a biopsy. Luckily all tests came back negative, but her paw was continuing to swell (doubled in size) and now causing her pain and we still had no answers. Anti-inflammatory drugs didn’t help and a course of steroids (horrible side effects) only reduced the swelling for a few days. Our vet recommended having tests run on her circulatory system (requiring more anesthesia), more steroids, and even amputation was a consideration. I turned to Great Dane forums looking for advice on her condition and a means to boost her immune system, which lead me to the Longlife Program. After all we’d been through, I was very skeptical, but hoped for a miracle. They took the time to ask questions about Ruby’s symptoms and recommend a treatment plan specific to her. ..