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Auggie – Canine discoid lupus

“Auggie, our female German shepherd mix, was diagnosed with localized canine discoid lupus on the left portion of her nose in the fall of 2009 when she was eight years old. We followed our vet’s prescription of a combination of vitamin E, a topical corticosteroid and niacinamide for about a month with no noticeable improvement in her condition but some rash-like side effects from the treatment. Knowing there was no cure for the condition, we realized we needed to find a way to manage the lupus over the course of her life and the vet’s options were not the way to go. After some research on lupus to understand what we were dealing with and searching for a treatment our girl could live with, we found Longlife Pet Supplements as a more homeopathic option. We placed our first order in Feb. 2010. We followed Longlife’s suggested program for mild to medium ailments and saw marked improvement in her nose within the first three months. We nicknamed her The Miracle Nose as she basically “r..