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Cher – Cushing’s disease, cataracts

“Cher has been in our family since she was six weeks old and is now a young 13, thanks to Longlife. At two years of age, she was diagnosed with cataracts and we opted not to have surgery done. She also developed Cushing’s disease about three years ago and has been on medication for that. On November 1, 2015, a friend introduced us to Longlife, and we started her on it. We have noticed she is much more active, playful, and doing things like she used to when she was younger. At her last her last eye check-up one of her cataracts had dropped, and now she has some vision in one eye. Her last lab work on her Cushing’s disease was right on target with where the vet wants her to be. She’s doing great and is much more lively and energetic! She seems to be doing great on the supplement, and her health has improved in all areas.”..