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Deuce – Hip dysplasia

“About ten years ago we were given the chance to rescue two three-month-old pups. One was black, and one was brown, they looked like they had a lot of lab in them, and they were brother and sister. The black one was a male, and we named him Deuce. His sister was all brown, and we named her Roxy. They were wonderful puppies and were quick learners. We had them house trained in a reasonable amount of time and were enjoying watching them grow. We had a large yard for them to roam and play in together, but we wanted to get them leash trained and give them more exercise, so we started a routine of daily exercise. We quickly noticed that Deuce was slower, walked with a type of limp, and would stop and sit down after just a short distance. We started to do some research including taking him to our local veterinarian and came to the conclusion that he had hip dysplasia, a common problem in large breeds. The remedies were very scary. The vet was talking about some success that was being had ..