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Latte & Café – Autoimmune issues

“My beautiful girls both have benefited from this pet supplement. Latte and Café both have been on the Longlife Program and I am so thankful to my vet for recommending me to go outside of the box. It all started when we took Latte, our multi-poo in for her yearly vaccination. It was almost instantaneous that she suffered a severe reaction, causing us to rush her to the vet. After many visits to our vet and a neurologist, Latte was diagnosed with a severe reaction to the vaccinations causing the onset of autoimmune disease. She was prescribed heavy doses of steroids along with a long list of other drugs. Unfortunately, the steroids were not having the desired effect on Latte. We were at our wits end. In talking with our vet she was the one who suggested we try alternative solutions. After spending many hours on the Internet I came upon LonglifePetSupplements.com. In reading the information on the website I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing and it did not take long..