Longlife Pet Supplements, 77007

Luke – Autoimmune issues

“On behalf of myself and my little Chihuahua Luke, I am writing to you to let you know what a change your product has made in our lives. I adopted Luke over ten years ago when he was approximately two years old. He is now 15-16 years old. He is a rescue and was found in deplorable conditions before being rescued and put up for adoption. He was found in the back of a pickup truck, in a chicken coop with chickens who had pecked him repeatedly. His skin was so damaged, he was emaciated and so scared. To see him now, you would never imagine that he was the same dog. He is and has been such a happy little dog since coming to live with us and getting his skin condition under control. He suffered from severe hot spots and severe auto-immune deficiencies. He had these conditions when we adopted him and continued to suffer from these conditions, despite all of our efforts for about the next three years. Once we found Longlife and put him on the program, his condition improved within 5-6 week..