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Maddie – Malignant melanoma

“I am writing to you to thank you so much for your wonderful products, Longlife Pet Supplements, containing pure shark cartilage, and for the Longlife Immune Booster Supplement. Maddie, my 13-year-old black Labrador retriever and retired field trial dog, was diagnosed on October 8th with a malignant melanoma on her gum. I had discovered it while brushing her teeth. I took her to The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut, where her biopsy revealed a mass cell was present. The recommendation was for immunology shots, one every six months, and radiation, in appropriate amounts in her gum area, to shrink the tumor and hopefully stop the progression. All went well as diagnosed with this kind of case and the first three months were successful. When her gums healed up, I resumed brushing her teeth, and discovered that the spot on her gum, that had been treated, was in fact growing again. I took Maddie back to the hospital where they confirmed my worst suspicions. Maddie ..