Longlife Pet Supplements, 77007

Molly – Hip dysplasia, arthritis

“We have been using Longlife for over 18 months now. Our dog Molly has greatly benefited from this product. At age four to five she was greatly suffering from a combination of hip dysplasia and arthritis so badly that she had trouble going up steps…and was in obvious pain much of the time. After x-rays, our vet quoted a price of over $2,000 for surgery with less than a 50-percent chance of success. We searched the Internet and decided to try your product. In two to three weeks it was like we had a different dog; she was more active and could handle the steps better… Things continued to improve for the next year and Molly became a very normal, active dog with no signs of joint problems or pain. We have continued a small maintenance dose of Longlife and Molly is thriving at age seven.”..