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Prudence – Autoimmune issues

“Prudence suffers from a debilitating auto-immune disorder that has caused her joints to deteriorate at a rapid pace. It is not cured, and the vet and specialists were not able to identify the exact problem. Through medication and the LongLife supplements, the degeneration has slowed considerably. She has suffered from the ailment for about two years now. We have tried several medications to make her comfortable – some with success, some without. Prudence takes about five different medications a day, including the Longlife supplement. Once we started using Longlife, we noticed she was able to walk more comfortably within about four weeks. After about three months, we ran out of Longlife and didn’t reorder for about a week. Towards the end of that week, she wasn’t hardly able to walk anymore. We reordered and received the Longlife promptly, and she began walking again in a couple of days. We always keep an extra bottle around now. We are positive she wouldn’t be able to walk anymor..