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Ruby – Swollen leg, autoimmune

“In spring 2013 we noticed that Ruby’s right front paw was considerably swollen in her leg, but she didn’t appear to be in pain. Our vet checked for breaks or fractures and found none. Then they tested for mange, tick titers and performed a biopsy. Luckily all tests came back negative, but her paw was continuing to swell (doubled in size) and now causing her pain and we still had no answers. Anti-inflammatory drugs didn’t help and a course of steroids (horrible side effects) only reduced the swelling for a few days. Our vet recommended having tests run on her circulatory system (requiring more anesthesia), more steroids, and even amputation was a consideration. I turned to Great Dane forums looking for advice on her condition and a means to boost her immune system, which lead me to the Longlife Program. After all we’d been through, I was very skeptical, but hoped for a miracle. They took the time to ask questions about Ruby’s symptoms and recommend a treatment plan specific to her. ..