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Sanjiv – Recovery from surgery

“Our Chihuahua Sanjiv was born November 2, 2002. His recovery from the surgery amazed the surgeon. If I remember correctly, the surgeon said he had to restructure the ends of the tibia and femur, shaving some of the bone to fit the surgical correction. Sanjiv’s recovery from the surgery amazed the surgeon… Apparently Sanjiv really damaged the leg in the fall. But that is all in the past. He is fine now, playful, looks forward to his walks, and eats very well. No limping at all. You know, sometimes people resist doing something that might really help them or their animals for reasons they can’t explain. I have a wonderful friend who has two dogs with hip challenges. I’ve shared with her how wonderful Longlife™ is for my babies, and how Sanjiv started to show improvement almost immediately.”..