Longlife Pet Supplements, 77007

Solomon – Vasculitis, hot spots

“For the last year, we have been treating Solomon for itchy skin and hots spots which in turn resulted in Vasculitis. He would scratch and chew his tail and feet. We eventually had to have part of his tail amputated. He was on continual medication for his itching. We spent a great deal of money and time at the vet. I began to look for alternative natural treatments and came upon the Long Life website. I called and spoke to the customer service rep, and he was very helpful and suggested what supplements we should try. Solomon has been on the product for three months now and is off all the special food and medications. His coat looks shiny and healthy, and his tail fur is growing back. Solomon’s joints seem to be less sore. We believe the Longlife product had been beneficial to Solomon’s overall health. The customer service at Longlife was professional and always helpful.”..