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Teah – canine lupus

“Teah, my 8-year-old border collie/healer, was diagnosed with lupus by her veterinarian in May of 2011. She had been been suffering for a while with this disease, so my vet put her on prednisone. I knew this was not the long-term solution, because of the dangerous side effects when using this drug. I researched more about lupus on the Internet, and that’s when I found the Longlife Pet Supplement web site. It was easy to order online, I followed the weight chart on the order form, and I received my order with exact dosage and for how long to follow the Longlife Program. Teah has been on the Longlife Program for 15 months, and is now on her prescribed maintenance program. She is no longer taking the prednisone. She is a completely different dog and I am very happy and very satisfied with the results. I would recommend this wonderful product to all of my friends and family.”..