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Tommy – Autoimmune issues

“Late 2010, Tommy was given his regular vaccinations at the vet. Then a few months later in early 2011, Tommy got real sick and didn’t feel like doing anything but lie in bed. His white blood cell count plummeted and if they didn’t recover, he may have had to be put to sleep. But they gradually recovered and he got well. It was then that I decided that Tommy could not tolerate any more vaccinations. But his immune problems were not over. Spring came around this year and he seemed to be fine until these small polyps started forming around his eyelids. I decided to have a vet look at them at my parents’ house. He said that was part of his immune system reacting to allergens. He gave us some antibiotic pills and we put Tommy on them and went home from my parents. The medicine was VERY slow working and just made a dent in the size of the polyps, they didn’t go away in 10 days like the vet said, so I took him to my vet here in Carrollton, Texas and he put him on more antibiotics and a..