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What You May Not Know About Pet Supplements

what makes Longlife’s shark cartilage formula more effective?

Although pet supplements have become very popular in the last few years, many people do not realize that they are typically manufactured for humans — not pets.

Interview with Dr. Tobin, DVM

Dr. Stephen Tobin is a holistic veterinarian who provides treatment using homeopathic herbs and nutrition. He speaks with us about his philosophy of animal care, pet nutrition, and his experience with the Longlife Program in the treatment of his patients.

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Because we digest food relatively fast, human supplements are ground to affine powder, making it easier for our stomachs to absorb the active ingredients. However, the digestive tract of dogs is very different. They don’t chew their food; they swallow it. Since the food reaches their stomach in fairly large pieces, it takes longer for them to digest it and absorb the vitamins and minerals. When a pet is given a supplement manufactured for humans, it usually doesn’t stay in the pet’s system long enough for the ingredients to be fully absorbed.

(Left) Typical “fine mesh” shark cartilage supplement formulated for humans. Not readily absorbed by a dog digestive tract.

(Right) Longlife’s larger mesh formula provides maximum absorption and effectiveness for your pet.

Better absorption means a more effective treatment for your pet

What dogs need is a high-quality supplement designed specifically for their digestive tracts. That’s the idea behind Longlife Pet Supplements. While they are safe enough for human consumption, they’re designed to permit maximum absorption of such anti-inflammatory natural ingredients as mucopolysaccharides and the chondroitin sulfates A, B, and C, which are vital for the health of your pet’s cartilage, connective tissue, and tendons.